The patent-pending Optohood was developed by Kelvin Nguyen, a practicing optometrist.  Dr. Nguyen observed inconsistent image quality with retinal photography and sought to reduce photographic artifact due to small pupil size.  Optohood maximizes retinal image quality with medical-grade durability and a professional finish, at a reasonable cost.  Optohood integrates with most ophthalmic instruments currently on the market.



Dr. Kelvin Nguyen is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OptoHood. He graduated from the New England College of Optometry in 1998. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and completed his undergraduate studies at University of California, Santa Barbara.

As a cancer survivor, Dr. Nguyen brings a unique level of caring and perspective to his patients. He started his private practice in 1998 in Merced, California, successfully managing and owning two separate offices before moving to San Diego to become partners of Eyelux Optometry. He then sold the business and currently owns and operates San Diego Vision Care Optometry with his wife, Dr. Jacquelin Le. He has always been interested in technology and innovation, which resulted in the development of Optohood.

He currently resides in the San Diego area with his wife and their two children, Kayla and Justin. Outside of practice, Dr. Nguyen enjoys basketball, tennis, fishing, snowboarding, and biking. 

Kelvin Nguyen, OD

Joon Lee is co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of OptoHood. He is responsible for leading the company’s sales and marketing efforts, as well as integrating the management of all marketing and brand-related activities across OptoHood to drive growth and enhance brand value.

In addition to this position, Mr. Lee is co-founder and CEO of Alternative Eyewear, a company that bridges online eyewear companies to the consumer by way of convenient locations throughout the United States.

Mr. Lee dabbles in real estate development, whereupon he ended up owning a 20 acre vineyard comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varietals in the Livermore AVA. He is the sole-proprietor of Cora Vina wine, named after his daughter. He still owns tens of thousands of 2007-2010 Estate Cab and Merlot bottles kept nicely preserved in a cave, which will eventually be available for sale to the public. He is currently in the process of developing two custom homes in Cupertino, CA.

Prior to the above, Mr. Lee spent 18 years in the biotech industry, where he served more than 85% of his time as a West Coast regional business manager of capital equipment for various manufacturers, responsible for product lines from as low as $1500 to over $600,000.

Mr. Lee holds a BA with double major in Integrative Biology, and Molecular & Cell Biology with emphasis in Biochemistry, from the University of California at Berkeley.