Save about half an hour to an hour a day! Or, work the same number of hours and generate $300 more every single day!

Earn an extra $75,000+ a year from a product that only costs less than a dollar a day to rent!

Don’t just take our word for it… discover it for yourself by trying OptoHood out for the first month for free* plus shipping costs!  

Optohood is not only about providing optimal images for the best care of your patients; it is also about saving time, convenience, and making more money, as well as the avoidance of potential lawsuits. Save up to 8 minutes of time PER patient for over 1/3 of your total patients using our hood. Save much more if you are dilating with drops!

Approximately 35% of your total patients require a further examination beyond the use of a fundus camera, as a result of the dark spot appearing in the photograph from the eye not being fully dilated.

On average, a doctor will see approximately 14-20 patients per day.

Having your technician stop the exam, interrupt the optometrist with whatever he/she was doing to come and examine the patient with the 90/78 diopter and slit lamp takes approximately 8 minutes or more.

For 14 patients/day, about 5 will require the 90/78 diopter lens exam. 5 patients x 8 minutes= 40 minutes saved EVERY day!

For 20 patients/day, about 7 will require the 90/78 diopter lens exam. 7 patients x 8 minutes= 56 minutes saved EVERY day!

That is between 40 minutes to about 1 hour / day that you will save using the OptoHood!  Multiply by the number of practicing ODs in your office, and see the significant savings in time. This means you can see the same number of patients every day and end your business day earlier to spend time with family or expand your own free time.

OR, you can now see an additional 2 patients per day. Multiply that by 22 workdays per month, which would add up to about 44 more patients every month. Profit is conservatively estimated to be around $150 (adjust the profit amount as applicable to you) per patient.

Gain * $300 more each day.

         * $1500 more each week.

         * $6250 more each month.

         * an extra $75,000 each year for a product costing less than $1/day!

That is a significant increase in your current revenue stream. You will make the rental cost by charging the imaging fee on the first patient on the first day of the month.

For those doctors that often dilate with drops, the use of the OptoHood will eliminate the need to do so, saving you approximately 15-20 minutes (time it takes for the drops to take effect) for every patient you have to dilate.

In addition, an added benefit is that you are legally protected in case of a lawsuit. A patient can come back saying that you misdiagnosed because of some anomaly in the dark spot of the retina. Since you could not take any photographic proof at the time of examining the patient with the 90/78 diopter and slit lamp (lack of capability of the equipment to take a photograph), then it would be your word against theirs in a court of law. Just an initial consultation with a lawyer would cost the price of our OptoHood. Since our hood provides the best photograph of the retina, including a nicely visible picture of the area where a dark spot would normally be located, you would have archived photographic documentation, and the case would be closed. Optohood provides peace of mind.

Please contact us to arrange the rental program of our OptoHood at the convenience of your office. You can return it in the first month if not satisfied (and lose only $27* and shipping costs). Installation takes about 20 minutes, and we have written instructions, as well as video on how easy it is to attach it to your camera. You will find in the first few days that it takes significantly better photographs, saves you time, and increases your revenue. 

*Starting at $27/month with monthly auto-pay, depending on model. Otherwise, without auto-pay, it starts at $29/month depending on model. Please contact us for more details.