Purchased by the manufacturer, Marco, for trade shows. Fitted to the Marco OPD-Scan III System

My practice is located inside a Costco. When we expanded to two lanes, I had to move the pre-test room from the second exam room into the waiting room. It was so inconvenient to turn our office lights off every time we wanted to use our retinal camera that we basically stopped using it for screenings. With the lights off, people would think we were closed or patients in the waiting room felt uncomfortable filling out paperwork in the darkness - it made us look unprofessional. I read about OptoHood on ODs on Facebook and looked into it. At first, I was turned off by the monthly fee - I usually prefer to own everything outright - but I can't tell you how happy I am with the product, the customer service, and even the rental concept. I've had the hood for just over a year now. My patient acceptance rate on retinal screenings has increased substantially - far outweighing the cost of renting the OptoHood. We never have to turn the lights off and get great undilated photos on most patients (even with cataract & small pupils). We can do undilated photos as part of pretest on everyone now, which is very efficient. I'm grateful for the rental concept now, too, as we broke a piece on the hood last week and they are sending us a brand new one at no cost, minus the shipping. Plus I'm planning on trading up on my Marco 330 AFC to an Eidon eventually and I will be able to trade to a new custom hood at no cost when I'm ready. The customer service is excellent also. I hear back the same day and they are very easy to work with. I would highly recommend the OptoHood!

  • Dr. Christina Brown

“My name is Dr Kyle Jones.  I have a private practice in the metro Atlanta area.  I purchased the Optohood several months ago.  I use it with my Non-mydriatic retinal Camera.   The quality of my photos has improved, as well has reduced my need to dilate.  In a busy practice like mine, any time I can save and still provide top notch care is a plus. So, if you are looking to improve your photo quality you should use the Optohood.”

  • Dr. Kyle Jones

"The Optohood was an excellent addition to our office.  It improved the image quality on non-dilated photos in about 20% of our patients and improved acquisition time for all patients.  In our office, the biggest bottleneck is our pretesting procedures, and we do take non-dilated photos of about 50% of our patients.  Having the hood increased our efficiency, both because of the reduced time to take photos and not needing to make multiple attempts.  Whenever we consider adding equipment, the bottom line for us is always: how does this help us make money?  Anything that increases efficiency is a no brainer."

  • Dr. Scott Schwartz

“We have tried the Optohood in one of our mobile screening clinics. The room was quite light so this was the perfect test. The Optohood was kindly sent to us for trial which we did. We had to make a couple of alterations to suit our particular set up on the NW8; however the Optohood team were very helpful and guided us through the process. The Optohood has certainly helped remedy the problem of light distortion. The images are better quality since the Optohood has been fitted. Nice friendly, helpful team.



NHS Programme Manager Diabetic Eye Screening (DESP) / Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)

  • Dr. Paul Hopkins

“At Beverly Hills Optometry, we pride ourselves in carrying the latest technology. 
The Optohood is no exception; its sleek design complements our Nidek AFC 330 Retinal Camera allowing for clear, high resolution digital photographs in an efficient manner. 
In our busy practice, patients often defer dilation but would like to have baseline or progress retinal photography performed. Optohood creates the dim environment necessary for the pupils to recover their normal state in order to take immediate, non-dilated photos.”

  • Dr. Kam Silani

“28 yo Asian female last year, and this year.

[two photos provided by doctor]

Different technician, but still amazing difference”

"Better color than last year and more proud of the pictures that we take"

  • Dr. Loc Pham